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The Dubai Mall Talent Scouting

Vogue - The Dubai Mall & Vogue Italia Invite You To The Dubai Mall Talent Scouting

The Dubai Mall Talent Scouting
All the information to take part in the new scouting project by Vogue Italia

The Dubai Mall Talent Scouting is a new initiative by Vogue Italia: the selected talents will take part in the events at The Dubai Mall, in the city located in the heart of the Middle East and a hub for the promotion of emerging fashion brands.

To take part you are required to submit the following to the email address



  • The designer’s biography
  • The history of the brand (the contest is open to brands that have been running for at least one year)
  • Images and sketches
  • Text describing the collection’s inspirations
  • Photos and/or videos regarding already produced collections
  • Information on brand’s distribution channels



Menswear, womenswear and accessories brands are admitted.